Coca-cola workers strike

About 700 workers at the Coca Cola plant in Brampton are on the picket line after contract talks failed between their union and the company. Many employees at the Coke plant on Barton Street in Hamilton also walked off the job, to show support for the Brampton workers.

Employees at the Brampton plant say they were kicked out of the factory Wednesday night at 9 o’clock–well before the midnight contract deadline.

In Hamilton, employees marched along the gates of the factory to show support for their counterparts in Brampton.

Workers say a company with nine billion dollars of profits shouldn’t be asking for concessions from their employees.

Coca-cola is calling it a strike and that any job action is “completely unnecessary” and claims the union walked away before the company could even provide them with a comprehensive offer.


  1. Follow strike news at and support us on Twitter at # cokestrike Every worker deserves a living wage, union and otherwise. Coke workers, and all unions are holding a line of defense against corporate greed. Boycott Coke.

  2. Also, if you want a real news story, check out Coke’s brutal history of dealing with labour around the world at

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