Cleaning up after the storm in Port Dover

It was a hectic day for first responders on Sunday, as lake water flooded the streets of downtown Port Dover

“We were busy with flooding, with hydro wires down, with trees down, you name it, we were dealing with it.” OPP

Norfolk fire had to rescue a woman from her house who made it out safely on a raft. It wasn’t so much the water, as the enormous pieces of ice that came crashing down.

“That ice coming in here was wicked and it just got higher and higher.” Sandy Brown.

Sandy’s front lawn is covered in ice from the lake water washing up and her boat storage area is still half submerged in water.

“I knew I was getting out at the right time, I felt it was anyway. I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

Better safe than sorry is the mentality OPP constable Ed Sanchuk wishes more people would exercise during storms. The OPP charged a driver who drove past a road closed sign on a flooded road with kids in the back seat

“You’re looking at about 110 dollars but a ticket can’t bring back a life. It’s one of these things where you have people coming down to check out the wonders of the lake, there’s nothing wonderful, it’s really cool to look at but if you get too close it can be extremely dangerous.”

A restaurant owner right by the lake fears blocks of ice may have caused damage to his patio.

No area around the Golden Horseshoe was spared from the wind.