Clark pleading for prayers after son’s shooting

Brandon Thomas Clark

Former Hamilton councillor and MPP Brad Clark is asking for prayers for his son today.

Brandon Clark was one of three people shot when a man opened fire in a Hamilton apartment early yesterday. Hamilton Police say a man with a shotgun burst into the apartment directly above his on Queenston Rd around 2 am Sunday, and opened fire on four friends.

Two men: Clark, and Scott Morin who lived in the apartment, were seriously injured. Both are still in hospital.

Two other people escaped by jumping from the third floor balcony.

Police say the gunman, who was in his 20’s, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. An autopsy is being conducted today. Investigators say he lived on the second floor of the building and did not know the victims.

Brad Clark posted a statement on Facebook earlier today:

My son, Brandon Clark and his friend Scott were both shot by a shotgun at close range early Sunday morning. The damage to their bodies is extensive and serious.
Scott has pulled through his surgeries and is in stable condition. Marissa and Steve were fortunate to escape the apartment by jumping over the balcony but they did incur serious injuries.
Brandon has had two surgeries. He was shot in the back. There is no apparent damage to spinal cord, (he moved his hands and slightly wiggled his toes on command). His spleen, kidney, and upper and lower colon have been severely damaged. He remains in serious but stable condition. We were advised last night that he will need at least one more surgery scheduled for tomorrow to try and repair the organs that were blown to bits.
Please pray for all the victims.
Pease share this post with your friends on facebook and other social media.
Please add Brandon, Scott, Marissa and Steve to your prayer circles.
Finally, this was simply a random act of violence. That’s it.
These four friends are wonderful, hard-working citizens, who were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Please pray for our son, Brandon and all of the victims.
We’ve been told that the deceased assailant was a mentally ill young man. Please pray for his family as they struggle with this personal tragedy. Thank you so much.
God bless
Brad, Linda, and family

CHCH’s Pamela VanMeer is following up on this story; she’ll have an update tonight on the Evening News at 6.


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