City won’t release surveillance video of shoving incident

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The City of Hamilton is refusing to release the surveillance video that shows Councillor Lloyd Ferguson shoving independent journalist Joey Coleman to CHCH news. It was in February of last year that Hamilton Councillor Lloyd Ferguson shoved independent journalist Joey Coleman. The city’s integrity commissioner investigated and found Councillor Ferguson guilty of violating the city’s code of conduct, but the commissioner didn’t impose any sanctions. He also didn’t interview Joey Coleman before writing his report. Now the OPP is investigating.

CHCH News requested a copy of the tape under the Freedom of Information Act. Officials cite the ongoing police investigation as the reason for refusing to release the tape. “I think it’s understandable under the circumstances, it would be protocol. Once anything is subpoenaed , obviously the courts will take precendence over any FOI request” says Hamilton City Councillor Sam Merulla.

The incident was recorded on one of the many surveillance cameras located throughout City Hall.

Once the OPP investigation is complete, a report will be sent to Hamilton’s Police Chief to determine if charges will be laid.