Christmas Display for CityKidz

A home in Hamilton is using their massive Christmas display to collect donations for CityKidz.

The house located on 932 Upper Ottawa St. has over 20,000 lights and a number of inflatables on the front lawn.

The home owners began putting up the massive display about eight years ago. When they saw how many people were stopping by the home, they decided to put the attention to good use.

“People would come on our driveway, take pictures, knock on the door, or stop in the middle of Upper Ottawa,” said Tom Alvey. “One day we just decided, ‘why don’t we put a box out, because if people were going to stop let’s try and get food.’ After that is just escalated to what it is now.”

The Alvey’s have been gathering toys for City Kidz for the past four years. Before that, they collected food donations as well as winter clothing.

Over 500 gifts were brought to the home last year.

The house will be collecting donations tomorrow from 6 p.m.-9 p.m.