CHCH takes a picture

Many of our viewers know that next year we’ll be celebrating 60 years on air here at CHCH.

Ahead of that, Wednesday was “picture day” at the station as we attempted to replicate a group shot taken in 1960.

Around 1:30 in the afternoon, around 100 employees at the station gathered outside the front of what we call “the old house” in front of our studios. The idea was to re-create a picture that hangs in the hallways here of employees taken 53 years ago. And there’s one man, Nick Olchowy, who is in both pictures. He stood in almost the same place both times, we’ve circled his face for you so you can see. After the picture was taken and Nick had taken his tie off, we asked him how he felt as the only employee in both pictures:  “It makes me really, first of all, thank God that I’m still here. And it’s remarkable the changes that have gone on over the course of the several years that I’ve been involved. The technology, the people, the editing techniques, all of that has changed completely. But, I was glad that I was part of it.”

Nick keeps busy these days producing the Crime Stoppers segments. He says he doesn’t remember much about the day the original photo was taken. But he says the energy and enthusiasm of the staff then and now hasn’t changed that much.