CHCH fall line up

CHCH showcased its upcoming fall line up infront of potential advertising clients this morning. It was also part of a new initiative that brings independent stations from across the country together in order to attract larger national brands.

“We’re bringing a new show called Right this Minute. Imagine the most up to date viral videos online, brought to you in a half hour show every single day,” Jennifer Chen, Channel Zero.

But CHCH wasn’t alone, six other independent stations from across Canada, like CHEK TV in Victoria and Vancouver Island were also showing what they had to offer. Unfortunately, attracting national brand-type money is tough if you only broadcast locally. Thus the creation of ‘indieNET’, a packaged deal that’ll allow big brands to show their ads on multiple local airways which have a combined reach of 93% of Canadians.

“Advertising is our life blood and we’re up against some pretty significant players and they have scale and operate on a national basis. So we have to think on our own and be innovative, quick, and fast moving, and indieNET is our answer to that.” Chris Fuoco, Channel Zero.

The showcase took place a day after the CRTC announced that more money will be allocated to local news starting in 2017. While the exact amount for each station hasn’t been finalized, many feel this was a step in the right direction.


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