CHCH: 60 Years Strong

CHCH's 60th anniversary cake; Morning Live, June 6, 2014

We talk to CHCH/Channel Zero co-owners Cal Millar and Romen Podzyhun; veteran director Nick Olchowy; Mitch Markowitz, producer of The Hilarious House of Frightenstein; and actor Patrick McKenna about the station as it marks its 60th anniversary.


  1. I have watched CHCH television for a long time. I have enjoyed many of the changes
    they have done. They have employed a lot of people over the years. I am glad to hear some of the old shows are coming back.

  2. I remember shows like Adel Hunt cooking show.Adel lived behind uswe lived on Homewood Ave.
    she lived on Aberdeen Ave.My brother and I where quests on her show I was a kid back then.My Dad
    was manager of Dominion Stores Westdale was one they would supply the grocieries for the show.
    I was also a quest on a western show then realized it was a drop screen,but great.Now retired.Thank
    You for the Best memories and shows,I watch the news morning live thru the day.Great staff,have meet
    several over time.All the Best to you all.God Bless.

  3. I have watched CHCH TV for now more than 40 years. Its an awesome station and glad to hear they are still going strong. CONGRATS CHCH TV 11

  4. My family and I watched this special of CHCH on television, I cannot how much the staff and people who work there has done so much after all these years. We watch “CHCH” from the moment we wake up to he moment we go to bed. Interesting news facts and up to date weather for school closing due to weather and other various things. Keep smiling CHCH and keep up the good work. Many more years to come!

  5. I was in Viscount Montgomery school when CHCH went on the air, and they filmed an activity we were doing and put it on the news that night (My five seconds of fame)

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