Changes coming to 2017

2017 is just around the corner, and its going to be a much different year for Ontarians.

Get your wallets ready because this coming year will cost you more cash than last year.

Marvin Ryder, a business professor at McMaster University says the new cap and trade program beginning in January will be the biggest contributor to the increase Ontarians will pay. 4.3 cents more a litre for gas, and more for natural gas too. It’s a progressive tax meaning the more carbon dioxide you emit, the more you pay. For those living in smaller homes or apartments, you may not notice the cap and trade.

“However if you are a suburban resident living in a monster home in Ancaster, you might see two or three hundred dollars added to your bill.”

And you’ll be paying more for some services that require fuel too.

Ryder says every year our pockets get a bit lighter, but 2017 will be especially taxing, and the hardest hit will be the middle class.

In 2017 you’ll also see calories at restaurants that have over 20 franchises in Ontario, your hydro bill will be 8% cheaper, and child support payments will no longer be treated as income for those living on social assistance.

Another change the Ontario government will prohibit police from arbitrarily collecting ID’s – referred to as carding or street checks

“I don’t think its going to change anything about how we go about our every day other than the fact that we will be at times informing the community that there is no requirement for them to identify themselves when we are speaking with them” said Acting Hamilton Police Chief Ken Weatherill.

Police services will also have to keep track of the race, gender and age of the people they stop on the streets.

“The random indiscriminate stopping of individuals based on race or any other prohibited ground is inappropriate and not lawful”

Hamilton Police also say they’ve completed their training to make sure they’re in-step with the new rules.