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Hot Docs // Staff Picks: Kyle

Kyle Miller is The Watchlist’s Technical Director. When he isn’t…
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Hot Docs // Staff Picks: Evan

Evan Arppe hosts and writes The Watchlist. Well versed in…
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Hot Docs
Exclusive // Hot Docs 2015 Preview

Documentary fans rejoice! It’s that special time of year when…
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Hot Docs // Staff Picks Jeff

Jeffrey Malloch is The Watchlist’s tireless editor. His days are…
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I Am Big Bird
Exclusive // Caroll Spinney

This year’s Hot Docs Film Festival provided us with many great interview…
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Kung Fu Elliot
Exclusive // Kung Fu Elliot

Elliot “White Lightning” Scott wants to be Canada’s first action…
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Andreas Johnsen
Hot Docs 2014 // Andreas Johnsen

Danish filmmaker Andreas Johnsen was in town for the Hot…
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Divide In Concord
Hot Docs 2014 // Divide In Concord

Following 84 year-old self-proclaimed “warrior” Jean Hill and her battle…
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Love Me
Hot Docs 2014 // Love Me

Heartbreak, scams, travel, financial fraud and endless risk- all in…
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Everything Will Be
Hot Docs 2014 // Everything Will Be

As urban centres sprawl across North America and new condo…
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