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Black Panther
Review // Marvel’s Black Panther

Once again Marvel Studios lives up to its name, delivering…
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Jumanji welcome to the jungle
Review // Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Enter the jungle and escape the winter cold with Jumanji!…
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Marvel's The Punisher
Review // Marvel’s The Punisher

Watching a character get their rightful vengeance is one of the most satisfying story tropes…
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Review // Novitiate

Set within the confines of a Catholic Convent, Novitiate explores themes…
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The Snowman
Review // The Snowman

On paper The Snowman seems to have everything right. It’s…
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Review // Lucky

A quiet yet daring piece of filmmaking, John Carroll Lynch’s…
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American Made
Review // American Made

In some of Tom Cruise’s most popular films he plays characters…
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Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Review // Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Just when I thought sequels could be worthwhile, Kingsman: The Golden…
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Wind River
Review // Wind River

Anyone who has seen the Taylor Sheridan-scripted Sicario should have a pretty…
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Review // Detroit

Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit is a harrowing, day-in-the-life story of police violence and…
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