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Ramen Heads
Hot Docs 2017

We look at a few films screening this weekend during…
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Exclusive // Gilbert

Brigitte talks to legendary comedian Gilbert Gottfried and Neil Berkeley, director of…
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Exclusive // PACmen

Luke Walker, who directed the political documentary PACmen, talks to…
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Exclusive // Mermaids

From Splash (1984) to The Little Mermaid (1989), we’ve been…
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Hot Docs
Exclusive // Hot Docs

We talk to some of the filmmakers screening their documentaries…
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You're Soaking In It
Hot Docs // You’re Soaking In It

The Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival kicks off…
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Tiny Tracks
Exclusive // Tiny Tracks

Director Naomi Hocura talks to us about her short documentary…
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Operation Avalanche
Exclusive // Hot Docs 2016

We preview this year’s Hot Docs Film Festival and talk…
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Hot Docs 2015
Exclusive // Hot Docs 2015

This year’s edition of the Hot Docs Film Festival is…
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hot docs my love don't cross the river
Hot Docs // Staff Picks: Brigitte

Brigitte Truong hosts The Watchlist. When she isn’t hobnobbing with…
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