‘To Catch A Killer’ digs up new evidence

A reality show that recently debuted on the Oprah Winfrey Network stars an Ontario crime professor and his team of experts — who re-open real cold cases — and uncover new evidence.

“This is more real than anything on TV.”

Mike Arntfield says his team tries to find new evidence in each cold case portrayed on To Catch A Killer.

“There are some shocking results in these episodes.”

In an upcoming episode: the 1999 murder of Clyde Frost. Killed in his Hamilton basement, dragged into his van, and driven to Toronto.

“We have an 80 year old man left dead in the back of his van for days, found by a street parking attendant. Bizarre circumstances in that case.”

Like a handwritten fax sent to police containing detailed knowledge of the murder.

“What we know now about forensic linguistics and statement analysis, with our experts and outside experts, will tell us a lot about who may or may not have been behind this.”

Arntfield spoke to Frost’s family in Nova Scotia, including his daughter Ruth Dearman, who told us by phone, there’s been no closure.

“Hard to believe. He’d lived there all those years. No one had bothered him. I was even surprised when he called and told me he was getting married again. I had just been up there to visit him. Everything happened so fast.”

She didn’t learn anything new from the show, but hopes “once this is out, someone may come forward.”

Also this season: the 1982 murder of Tricia Roach in Hamilton.

“You’ll learn a lot more about this case than has been reported on and that will change the trajectory of this case, because these cases are cold but they’re all still solvable.”

Producers will give Hamilton Police Arntfield’s evidence on the Roach and Frost murders before they air; but one investigator CHCH News spoke to doesn’t expect to get anything worthwhile. He says all the show will do is bring false hope to victim’s families.


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Jenniffer says:

Honestly this will bring a ton of false hope to the families and friends. However a fresh set of new eyes even all these years later are better then none. And you really do not know if anything could come of the cases. Someone over the years could have spoken up and slipped, and having the case on TV might spark something in someone’s memories and come forward. Someone’s gibber could turn out to be real and the person hearing it didn’t know until seeing it on TV. So only time will tell. I look forward to seeing how the show plays out so maybe some family will finally get closure!

Cathy says:

Hello, my name is Cathy, sister of Patricia (Roach) Paraszczuk, one of the victims featured in the show.

I am writing on behalf of Patricia (Roach) Paraszczuk. My sister’s unsolved murder has been in the hands of Det. Hrab for many years. Recently, our family participated in a fact finding show named “To Catch A Killer” with the hope of uncovering any new leads or information that might be helpful to solving this 32 yr. unsolved case in Hamilton.

It is with great disappointment and ire that I viewed on CHCH, the police comment that police “don’t expect anything WORTHWHILE” to come of the information. (They haven’t even reviewed the report yet.) Just “false hope” for the families.

We find this media comment to be irresposible, a betrayal to the families, unprofessional and strongly demonstrative of a lack of interest or commitment to solve Trisha Roach’s murder. Even more insulting, is the fact that your comment on air relays a message to the murderer or those involved, or those that might step forward, that they can relax and sit back in the knowledge that you don’t expect anything “WORTHWHILE” to come of a potential opportunity at no cost to the Hamilton Police.

While you attend Victims of Violence yearly, you have truly victimized our families with your message to the viewing public. There was no mention of support in that your department would review, consider and move forward while welcoming the Free assist of others strong interest in helping Trisha. You spoke of False Hope. There has been plenty of that to go around on behalf of those few that have investigated Trisha”s murder in 1982.

Without a determined effort and a team, along with your seeming disinterst, Trisha will never find Justice. It seems very clear that you have no interest in an open mind or discussion. Today is a very sad day for the Hamilton Police Investigation. Once again the support goes to the criminal.

Yours truly,