Family says Cannabis oil helps little boy manage seizures

A 5-year-old Hamilton boy has stopped suffering from frequent seizures after doctors treated him with cannabis oil. His mother says it has helped him manage a rare disease called Angelman’s Symdrome, but the controversial drug is pricey.

At 9-months-old Izaiah was diagnosed with the rare genetic disorder that causes developmental disabilities, neurological problems and seizures. There is currently no cure. His mother Lindsay Gillespie says her son was having 4 or 5 seizures a day and that the medication he was prescribed wasn’t helping him.

She started researching cannabis oil. At first, she was denied a prescription but Izaiah’s doctors at McMaster eventually referred them to a clinic in Toronto. Within 6 months of taking it Izaiah took his first steps.

He’s been taking it for the last year and a half but it is expensive. Lindsay spends about $500 a month for 3 bottles and it is not covered by OHIP because the scientific evidence is limited and it’s quite controversial.

Today, Izaiah is a happy busy little boy. He’s able to move around on his own, feed himself, play with his toys and even goes to a regular school. Lindsay hopes one day there will be some sort of funding.


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