Canadian country music star donates to McMaster Children’s hospital

For Canadian country music star Gord Bamford, music has earned him fame, money and accolades. But on a day where he donated $10-thousand to McMaster Children’s Hospital’s music therapy program, he saw what it gives others.

Like Caroline, who was born with developmental disabilities. While visually imparied, her hearing is perfect and with a couple strums of musical therapist Bonnie Brittany’s guitar, Caroline’s mood changes instantly.

A musical therapist for ten years, Bonnie has spent the past three years at McMaster Children’s hospital.

“music, it’s a universal language, everywhere in the world you’ll find some form of music whether it’s song, instrumental and it can allow you to connect with someone who can’t speak to you, they can connect with the music, feel the physical reaction of relaxing.”

The program is funded completely by donations, Bamford has donated a total of $30-thousand over the years.