Caledonians stand together with Six Nations to demand federal government speed up reconciliation efforts

Members of the group ”Caledonia and Six Nations Matter” organized a protest today, uniting both communities to call on the federal government to come to the negotiating table in hopes of ending the 126-day land claim dispute.

Dale Manucdoc has the story.


  1. Initially I thought Williams (and his ‘band’ of cohorts) was the problem here , until I realized that most of the people running Six Nations , were ‘self-appointed’.

    This problem could be easily resolved , if the Band Leaders , that ‘willingly’ took the money from the contractors , simply returned it (plus interest) back to the contractors.

    All future contractors should realize , this land is ‘Not For Sale’.

    Didn’t that last conflict not teach anyone anything.

  2. The land belongs to the Hauana Sai tribe , not the Mohawk. And the ‘tribal elders’ deserve the ‘last say’ here , not some committee put in place by the regional government.

    After previous confrontations , any contractor should have known better then to try purchase a land that the ‘locals’ had already deemed “Not For Sale”. I have to side with the ‘locals’ on this one.

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