Cadets stand guard at Clifton Hill Cenotaph overnight

For seven years now, young cadets have been standing guard overnight at the Clifton Hill cenotaph in Niagara Falls leading into Remembrance Day.

16 cadets took turns standing guard at the cenotaph since 9:30 last night and continued until 9:00 this morning.

The cadets-comprised of the 103 sea cadet corps, the 2835 field artillery cadet corps and the 126 air cadet corps began last night with a four-man guard with half-hour shifts since midnight.

They then switched to a two-man guard comprised of 20 minute shifts until 7 o’clock, before switching back to four.

After they finished guarding the cenotaph this morning, the cadets made their way over to the Gale Centre in Niagara Falls for the Remembrance Day ceremony beginning at 10:45am.


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