Byelection campaigning in Niagara


Day two of the byelection campaign in Niagara Falls and the candidates are busy making their pitches to voters. The opposition parties see the seat as one they can take from the Liberals, meaning the Liberal candidate to replace Kim Craitor is expecting a tough race.

One of the main battlegrounds for votes in the Niagara Falls riding byelection is the town of Fort Erie. That’s why P.C. Leader Tim Hudak spent more time campaining here.
It’s a place that’s seen jobs disappear. Businesses close. The race track wondering if it has a future.

“The government has done a terrible job. Kathleen Wynne won’t listen to anybody”

The slot machines pulled from the track by the liberal goverment.

Bart Maves, P.C. Candidate: “We need to fix that. And we will. We put the slots there in the first place. And we’d put them back. And keep horse racing permanently in Fort Erie.”

The NDP is also promising to bring back the slots and save the track.

Wayne Gates is the presumed NDP Candidate: “We can fix some of the job problems by re-opening the Fort Erie Race Track.”

Gates brought leader Andrea Horwath to Nick and Angelos for lunch, and to hear what voters are saying: “I’m hearing folks are pretty fed up with the Liberal government. It has not paid attention to concerns and grown more and more out of touch.”

When you’re talking job losses the opposition parties have a lot of ammunition to work with in this riding. The building behind me was Pharmetics. It’s just one of a number of plants that have shut down and the jobs have gone south.

Bart said: “It’s all about jobs in Fort Erie.”

Liberal candidate joyce morocco was going door to door today with Labour Minister Yasir Naqvi. She too was talking jobs: “Alongside premier Kathleen Wynne, we will make that happen. We’re going to bring that back and the Liberals are going to have that stronghold again.”

Even Liberal supporters concede Joyce Morocco is facing an uphill battle.

“Nice to meet you. Joyce Morocco, running to replace Kim Craitor.”

If you could hear Joyce Morocco at the end of the tape, you could hear her introduce herself as the candidate to replace Kim Craitor. And that’s because, around here, Kim Craitor is a lot more popular than Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals.