Buzz Aldrin speaks at space development conference in Toronto.

A conference dedicated to space development in Toronto brought together engineers, scientists and educators, all looking to advance space-focused companies.

But it was the key note speaker today who drew the largest crowd.

Buzz Aldrin spoke to a crowd of about 200 people today. He’s one of the first two people to set foot on the moon.

Now 85 years old, the retired NASA astronaut has his sights on Mars.

He spent an hour highlighting the research he has been working on. Traveling to Mars and beyond has been one of the top subjects discussed at the five-day international space development conference this week.

While we’re still years away from a journey to Mars, NASA is aiming for the 2030’s and Aldrin agrees.

“35 or 37 is good enough for me. If the pubic is so impatient than maybe we could inadequately support people and go to great expense to bring them back.”

Geoff Notkin, a space enthusiast and TV host says ” people who are watching and listening today are going to see human exploration on Mars. I grew up watching every minute of the moon landing and there was a point where I thought ‘I am not going to see important space exploration in my life’ and I was wrong. It’s happening now.”

Aldrin is very supportive of a manned mission to Mars and says humans could become a two-planet species.

Richard Branson agrees and has spoken of his determination to begin a population on Mars, as the worlds first commercial spaceline, Virgin Galactic, continues preparations for its first voyage into space.

More than 1,700 delegates from around the world signed up to attend the conference, which wrapped up today.