Brock University student wins PC nomination for Niagara-West-Glanbrook


A 19-year-old has become a key figure in Ontario politics. Sam Oosterhoff beat out the President of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives to win the party’s nomination in the upcoming by-election in the Niagara West Glanbrook riding. But the Brock University student has kept a low profile since his big win.

Oosterhoof was born in Grimsby and was raised in Vineland. He beat former federal MP Rick Dykstra who was the odds on favourite to win, by 170 votes. The 1st- year political science major has experience working for the Tories. He worked as a legislative assistant and policy analyst in Ottawa for the Federal Conservatives. He is described as social conservative, he says his family and church instilled his current values which include pro-family policies and supporting parents as primary educators.

Oosterhoof declined to do interviews with the media today.


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