Paris residents brave the cold to raise money for homeless community

Some community members in Paris, near Brantford, are using it to raise money and awareness for those experiencing homelessness. The fundraiser is called Brave The Cold 2022 and 18 people have joined to experience some of what homeless people deal with every day. Most of them are sleeping in tents, others are using a dog sled or a fishing tent.

They’re keeping the fire going all weekend long but participants say it’s still not enough to stay warm. Organizer and participant of “Brave The Cold 2022”, Randy Knowles says, “my back is so cold from laying on the ground, you got mattresses, you got cardboard but you’re still laying on the ground and it is cold.”

Catherine McAlley who co-organized the fundraiser says they have been raising money since October and says 100 percent of the profits go to homeless charities in need.

The campers also received donations to support the event like food and supplies. They say it’s been difficult, but it’s for a good cause.

McAlley says so far they’ve raised five thousand dollars and their goal is to raise 10 thousand by Monday, February 21st.