Brad Clark asks for prayers for son & friends in weekend shooting

Brandon Clark among shooting victims

The son of former MPP and Hamilton city councillor Brad Clark is in serious condition in hospital tonight after a frightening weekend shooting at a Queenston road apartment. 2 other people have been seriously injured and tonight, investigators with Hamilton police are piecing together the disturbing details.

The forensics unit was collecting evidence from apartment 31 and 21 at 484 Queenston rd where 3 people were shot early Sunday morning, one person dead. Brad Clark’s son Brandon is set to have one more surgery according to a Facebook post today.

We are learning more about the young man in apartment 21, who is alleged to have been the shooter. Neighbours say the man who lived there was Freddie Pearce, a very quiet, nice person who simply went to work and was a regular person. They were shocked to hear he could have been involved in this incident.

Early Sunday morning a man armed with a shotgun burst into an apartment on the third floor started shooting. Neighbours we talked to yesterday describe a loud, chaotic scene. “I heard glass breaking, then all you hear is a great big commotion and then I hear 2 gunshots.”

One woman who lives just down the hall from the third floor apartment where this incident tool place said she had her granddaughter over at the time, they were sleeping on the floor, after watching movies, they heard screams and then gunshots, they ran into another room and hid quietly with the door locked.

Scott Morin who lived in the apartment was shot point blank in the abdomen. Brandon Clark, Brad’s son was shot in the back, near his spine as he turned to run away. Brad Clark posted this message to Facebook today:

“There is no apparent damage to his spinal cord. He moved his hands and slightly wiggled his toes on command. His spleen, kidney and upper and lower colon have been severely damaged”

He also asked for prayers for his son and the others injured that night. One of them is a woman who made a desperate jump from the third floor balcony to escape the carnage. She was later found in the lobby of the building next door. The woman was kept in hospital over night, both men are still in hospital.




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