A whole lot of people are Crazy In Love with Nicky Nasrallah’s dance classes. They’ve become so popular over the past month that he’s expanded his schedule to teach between seven and nine each week in three different cities.

He’s the founder of Beyography and teaches students of all skill levels to shake it like Queen Bey herself.

Each class focuses on a Beyonce song; Nasrallah has memorized the routines for about a dozen. Over the course of two hours, participants drill through each sequence, eventually putting them together to dance the full number. But Nasrallah doesn’t expect perfection, “I just want to see people getting into character, feeling like Beyonce, feeling fierce, whipping their hair around and just having a good time.”

A few years ago, Nasrallah began memorizing Beyonce’s numbers after attending a few of her concerts (he’s a big fan). It wasn’t long before a friend suggested he share his new found skill, booked him a studio space and Beyography was born.

He teaches students of all stripes. Some aspire to be professional dancers, others are looking for a fun workout and some just can’t get enough of Beyonce. Nasrallah encourages each of them channel their inner diva. He says emulating Beyonce is more about feeling and looking confident than mastering her moves.

The moves though, are the focus of the class, and they’ll leave you feeling the burn. Many participants say the beauty of Beyography is that you don’t realize how hard you’re working before the two hours is over. That, and the unspoken bond you form with your fellow wanna-Beys.

For Hamilton classes go to //www.academyofallthingsawesome.com/upcoming-awesomeness.html

Beyography website www.beyography.com


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