‘Beliebers’ show support

'Beliebers' near where Justin Bieber is staying in Miami; January 24, 2014

Fans are not giving up on Justin Bieber. Last night ‘Beliebers’ held homemade signs and sang songs in an alley near where he’s staying in Miami.

The crowd calmed down by 5 am, but diehard fans remained, hoping Bieber would step out on the balcony and give a wave. Unfortunately for them, he didn’t.

The hash tag #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin is trending on Twitter.

The story of Bieber’s arrest in Miami Beach yesterday was on the front page of several British tabloids today, as well as the New York Daily News.

Cover of the New York Daily News, January 24, 2014 (New York Daily News via Newseum)

Image: New York Daily News via Newseum

This is his most serious run-in with the law, but his erratic behaviour has ranged from allegations of speeding through his gated community, to scuffles with the paparazzi.

Word was expected by the end of the week on whether Bieber would be charged in an egg-throwing incident involving a neighbour of his Calabasas, California home.

In another development, three police officers in Opa-Locka, Florida have been suspended after they gave an escort to Bieber’s entourage when he flew in to south Florida on Monday.


  1. I’m sorry and don’t blame you for wanting him out of the United States, but We don’t want him back here.. Send him to a place were he’ll get back what he dishes out…
    Don’t Want Justin Bieber Back In Canada!

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