Beer spa attracting new clientele

Beer spa attracting new clientele

A new spa experience is brewing in Brantford. GWC Body is set to open its doors this weekend, and one of their main attractions is a beer spa.

Yes, a beer spa. So you’re soaking in suds, but not the kind you’d typically see in a spa.

Inside a room named for Brantford’s old Bixel Brewery lies an all-new spa experience. It’s called a beer spa.

Heidi Peterson is co-owner of GWC Body: “You’re soaking in all those raw minerals and the raw ingredients of beer.”

Clients start with a scrub of barley, salt, honey, and hops, a common ingredient in beer.

Then the bath is drawn. Locally grown hops are added along with three pints of Rambling Road Ale and mineral water shipped in from Poland.

And into the tub you go. Spa owners Jola Westerhof and Heidi Petersen say the beer ingredients offer different benefits.

Jola: “Some of them will increase the sheen of your hair. It will also help with the skin moisture, opening up the pores for increasing skin elasticity.”

Heidi: “It induces a mild sweat, so a mild detox. As well as a sleepy feeling. So people with insomnia, chronic fatigue, anxiety.”

Beer spas have been popular in Europe for years and many allow you to drink a brew while you brine. When GWC Body opens its doors, that will soon be the case.

A liquor license is on its way and if sitting in the suds isn’t relaxing enough for you, soon you’ll be able to have a sip while you’re soaking.

The prospect of suds in a mug and suds in the tub is attracting interest from an unusual clientele.

Heidi says: “Especially the men. Finally, I think we’ve got a little new twist on spa and the guys are feeling much more comfortable here in this rustic setting.”

If you’re hesitant to hop in a tub of beer, don’t worry. You won’t go home smelling like a night at the pub.

The beer spa is all about local vendors, so the brewed beer and the raw ingredients are sourced from Rambling Road Brewery farm in La Salette. If you want to check it out, they’re hosting a spa open house this Saturday between 11am and 3pm. The address is 202 Grand River Avenue, Suite 1, Brantford.