Brushing up on BBQ safety tips

Barbecue season is in full swing, but before you heat up the grill, there’s a lurking safety hazard to keep in mind. Health Canada has now launched an investigation into injuries cause by wire-bristle barbecue brushes.

There have been multiple reports of people injured after accidentally swallowing wire bristles from brushes, however, there are a lot of other ways to get your barbecue clean and ready for grilling.

At Barbecues Galore in Burlington, wood paddles are extremely popular as well as nylon brushes. The nylon brushes are bristle-free and do not have brass or stainless bristles like the metal ones, but cannot be used on a hot grill.

For those who insist on using metal wire brushes, a Hamilton manufacturing company called Felton Brushes says they have created some of the highest quality metal wire brushes that have been tested by the Canadian Standards Association for safety. Felton Brushes says its products are modeled after welding brushes and are made with stainless steel that is less likely to break off and will not rust.

If you’re still using a wire brush there are some preventative things you can do to avoid injury. After each use scan the surface of your grill for any bristles left behind and make sure to replace your brush at the first sign of damage.


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