Health Canada warns about dangers of improperly stored batteries

Health Canada is warning Canadians about the dangers of improperly storing batteries, after receiving 100 reports of battery fires and overheating.

During the summer in Burlington, a car went up in flames all because two nine volt batteries were left on the front seat.

Burlington Fire Public Education Officer Kim Sopko says the car was in the garage of a town house at the time of the blaze. Fortunately, the fire did not spread to the home.

Lithium ion batteries, commonly used in electronics, have gone up in flames but even AA and AAA batteries are dangerous if stored improperly.

Health Canada says Canadians should be more cautious of how batteries are stored.

Burlington fire says keeping the original packaging of the battery to store them is best.

The box keeps them upright and prevents anything from touching the terminals.

If you don’t have the box use something like electrical tape to cover the ends.

Once they are dead, dispose of them properly. Drop-off locations for hazardous waste can be found at community recycling centres.