Balls Falls Thanksgiving Festival

It is a time when approximately 25,000 people will visit Balls Falls Conservation Area for their 43rd annual Thanksgiving Festival.

For many, Balls Falls Thanksgiving Festival is a yearly tradition that can’t be missed.

With over 150 vendors, selling jewelery, art and clothing, the festival has become a shopping hot spot.

Admission is $6 and kids under 14 are free. Hundreds visited the park early this afternoon and found bouncy castles, train rides and face painting, not to mention a glimpse of how life used to be at the Heritage Village.

The Balls Falls Thanksgiving Festival is the perfect way to kick off fall.

The majority of people here are thankful for the usual things, while others were thinking outside the box.

Many say they are happy to be enjoying the outdoors with their loved ones.

speaking of being thankful, some research shows that gratitude increases happiness and keeps emotions like envy and resentment at bay.

Being grateful has also been linked to a better nights sleep, improved self esteem and less stress all good reasons to give thanks.