Backlash after comments made at last nights city council meeting

Things definitely got heated at last nights city council meeting.

Councilor Sam Merulla seemed to stoke the fire, among those in the LGBTQ plus community.

Merulla was criticized for not appearing to be paying attention to councilor Brad Clark’s reading of a motion that aims to put an end to hateful protests in the forecourt of city hall. Merulla was then asked to stop talking by Hamilton’s Mayor, Fred Eisenberger.

Clark says, “We’re drawing attention to it and I hope they’re paying attention, there are people looking to gather evidence of them inciting hate and inciting violence against an identifiable group.”

It’s with that evidence that council can apply for an injunction to stop gatherings inciting hate or violence, from happening on their doorstep.

A demonstration is also being planned, calling on police to drop charges laid against those believed to have been defending the LGBTQ community at Hamilton pride. It’s being called a day of action and is being organized by Hamilton anarchist social group ‘The Tower’. At last check, the Facebook event page had just under 400 people attending.