As Syrian migrants laid to rest, protestors target office of St Catharines MP

A soldier removes the body of Alan Kurdi from a Turkish beach; September 2, 2015

The little boy whose photo has focused world attention on the problems people are having leaving Syria, has been buried.

Funerals were held today for Alan Kurdi, 3, his brother Galib, 5, and their mother in Kobani, Syria. The boys’ father, Abdullah Kurdi, says when they fled Kobani in January in hopes of a better life, he never imagined he would return to bury his family.

He says eleven of their family members were killed by Islamic State militants in Syria just months ago, but now he plans to stay.

Kurdi’s sons and wife died when a migrant boat capsized on its way from Turkey to Greece.

The aunt of the children who lives near Vancouver says a memorial service will be held tomorrow at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC.

Sign outside Rick Dykstra's St Catharines constituency office reading 'Alan and Galib should be here'; Taken by Bill Augerman, September 4, 2015,

Image: Bill Augerman via Twitter

This sign protesting the lack of action by the Canadian government for Syrian migrants covered the windows of the Rick Dykstra, Conservative MP for St Catharines.

The papers referred to the two Syrian brothers who drowned. Their Canadian aunt had tried to get her older brother into Canada and said she had been planning to apply for Alan and Galib’s family to come after that application was processed. Dykstra had served as parliamentary secretary at the Department of Citizenship and Immigration for five years.

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