Hamilton poverty report

A local anti poverty group has released a report that claims both the country and the province are not fulfilling their obligations to the city’s most vulnerable.

10 years ago, the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction researched and presented a study to the United Nations on the growing level of poverty in Hamilton and what it called the failure of government to provide an adequate standard of living.

Lawyer Craig Foyle says although there have been some improvements since then, such as the increase in minimum wage, improvement in child benefits and social assistance rates are woefully inadequate.

“The shelter allowance is hundreds of dollars below what it actually costs to rent an average apartment in the city of Hamilton. People on social assistance get evicted all of the time. “

Starting at the end of February the UN will be reviewing the international covenant on economic, social and cultural rights that includes the right to an adequate standard of living. Canada has signed the covenant, but this report concludes those standards are not being met here in Hamilton.

Craig hopes the report will help the UN with their their analysis of Canada when the country meets with the committee at the end of the month.


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Max Charles says:

There’s only going to be more poverty if we keep cramming our cities with more unnecessary immigrants and “refugees”.

Here’s how the refugee scam works in 4 easy steps:

1) Oil-rich Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia can but don’t want to take in Syrian refugees so they bribe Western journalists to publicize the Syrian refugee situation as much as possible to make it a big political cause. The most receptive political parties in a given country also get financial rewards.

2) Governments that take in enough refugees to satisfy the oil kingdoms can expect to have bribes to be funneled to individual members of the government and to the governing party itself to help win future elections.

3) Governments spend millions of taxpayer dollars to settle refugees and build a loyal support base of new immigrants and long established immigrants from the same community who want to increase the size of their community.

4) The costs of resettlement are passed on to taxpayers in the form of higher deficits and then increased national debt. This can only lead to higher taxes and/or painful budget cuts in the future but the governments figure that future voters won’t be able to put cause and effect together.

Of course, the oil kingdoms aren’t the only countries that bribe Western politicians for immigration purposes. China, India and Pakistan, for example all have a keen interest in claiming the vast resources of the N. American continent and they see mass immigration of their citizens onto the continent as an excellent way to solidify their future access to these resources. What about the union leaders who can’t help but notice that mass immigration will drive down wages and cause unemployment among workers? Well, there’s money to keep them quiet on this issue, isn’t there?

Feel free to copy and paste.