Alex: Boy with Tape on his Face ‘comically clever’

Scene from The Boy with Tape on his Face (Mirvish)

From Mirvish productions, a hit show from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It’s The Boy with Tape on his Face, now on stage in Toronto.

Sam Wills told CHCH News’ Alex Reynolds where his humour comes from. “I think it probably comes from a slight Peter Pan syndrome of not wanting to grow up. I think that’s what it is.”

“I just love the idea of being a boy forever, and of playing, and of not wanting to lose my imagination.”

Sam is silent, but the noise is audience reaction. His arsenal of common household items become objects of humor.

“It’s very simplistic and again it’s one of the things I always try in the show. I’m wanting to always use household objects so that way when people go home they see the things themselves.”

“I know people who have gone home and have picked up, for example, oven gloves and done the routine themselves, and made themselves laugh.”

Sam is madly demented, comically clever, launching my laugh genes into overdrive. A note of caution here – audience involvement is a major element; he’ll seek you out.

This smash hit from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival continues at Toronto’s Panasonic Theatre through October 19.


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