Alex: ‘Book of Mormon’ gleefully decadent

Scene from The Book of Mormon (CBS)

The must-see musical The Book of Mormon continues its box office domination on Broadway, London’s west end and on the road in Toronto, where it is now in its second run.

There’s startling irreverence and outrageousness in the show, which holds to traditional values of golden age musical comedy. But it’s satire; cleverness overrides sensitive situations.

Gavin Creel, who plays Elder Price, says “the piece itself is crafted in a way that I think gives room for people to be, obviously offended, but also moved, you know.”

“I think the show has an intense amount of intelligence to it. It’s not just shock for shock’s sake, you know there’s a great beating heart at the centre of it.”

Potential offensive references are smoothed by cutting edge humor. Keep the faith, it’s all in good fun, and there’s no outcry from the church in Salt Lake City.

Christopher John O’Neil (Elder Cunningham): “A lot of people think it’s 2 1/2 hours of bashing Mormons, and it’s not that at all. The Mormon aspect of the call is just the jumping-off point, and as the show progresses it becomes less about Mormonism and more about faith in general and being a good person, and who cares what you believe in.”

Gleefully decadent, deliciously self-indulgent, the show exaggerates human frailties. It unleashes toxic laughter, but sure made our Alex Reynolds feel good.

Don’t expect a church service, but a devilishly, humorous, good religious experience.

The Toronto engagement of The Book of Mormon has been extended to November 30th at the Princess of Wales Theatre.