Airbags unexpectedly deploy in Nissan Rouge with children inside

It was a scary moment for a family in Fisherville near Cayuga when a pair of airbags on the family SUV unexpectedly deployed.

The family says there is a defect with the vehicle and is worried it could happen to someone else.

Caylie Drehmer says the passenger-side curtain and seat-mounted airbag on her 2015 Nissan Rogue suddenly deployed when she closed the passenger door, after putting her young children and the family dog inside.

She says the airbag service light was not on before or after the incident and says it’s never been in a collision – explaining she’s never had any problems since they bought it from the dealer in 2015.

Drehmer says Parkway Nissan in Hamilton- where she bought the car – told her the warranty on the vehicle had expired and advised them to put in a claim with her insurance and contact Nissan Canada. Nissan wants to arrange an inspection of the vehicle by its experts.

“Until we inspect this vehicle, we are unable to provide any comment at this point. We will work with our customer service department to ensure this case is taken care of.”

No airbag-related recalls have been issued for the 2015 Nissan Rogue, but in 2017 Nissan did issue a recall for the 2012 Versa, saying the curtain and seat-mounted air bags may unexpectedly deploy when the door is slammed.

Transport Canada examined the vehicle today at Drehmer’s request and confirmed that there was an airbag system failure. The organization will be contacting Nissan Canada and Drehmer expects to hear more next week.