Activation Laboratories invests in Hamilton

Activation Laboratories officially opened their new 200,000 square foot global headquarters today in Ancaster.

The company provides contract analytical services in various fields like forensics, agriculture, the environment and minerals. The new building will replace five existing labs in the city.

It currently employs about 200 people — but company president Eric Hoffman says as the industries they serve grow — they plan on creating more jobs. “This facility is about twice the size of all of our other buildings put together so we would anticipate we’ll be increasing employment of up to 300.”

Hamilton mayor Bob Bratina: “We’re getting more diversified, we’re getting more advanced technology and it’s really making a difference on the profile of the city of hamilton in terms of average incomes, in terms of opportunities for young people.”

The company has 30 labs in 14 countries across the world — including 13 in Canada. ActLabs has customers in over 90 countries.