A man in Stoney Creek is recovering after being shot multiple times

A 43-year-old man was shot several times at 34 Marina Point Crescent in Stoney Creek. Police say that the man answered his door when the shooter unloaded several shots.

The police arrived on the scene, taped off the area, and made sure no one else entered the premises.

CHCH News did speak to people in the area who were either awake or woken up by the gunshots and they confirm to they heard anywhere between five and seven shots fired. When police arrived on scene, they taped off the area, and anyone trying to enter, they escorted to their door by foot. The woman who lives six doors down does confirm that she saw a black SUV leave the area after the shots were fired.

The initial investigation was handled by the Division 20 Criminal Investigation branch but has now been transferred to the Major Crime Unit.

They say that this was a targeted and specific attack.