A birthday event was held in Brantford for kids who struggle with friendships and don’t get invited to parties 

14-year-old Neil is constantly being left out but all that changed when Neil and dozens of other children who never get invited to their classmates birthday parties and never have any other kids show up to theirs, had their own celebration.

Its called the Unbirthday Party put on by Friends Four Kindness the organizer of the event, Nicole Callander started the group after her daughter spent birthday after birthday without any companions.

It’s the devastating reality many of these children have faced some have special needs, others are shy. 30-year-old Billy usually only has family at his birthday parties. Inviting friends over the years has become too painful for both him and his mother.

The Unbirthday party had presents, balloons, superheroes, and princesses but most importantly the children who are normally left out, for once had other kids to celebrate with.