Yellow vest protester speaks at City Hall

Justin Long is a member of the yellow vest movement and says the group in Hamilton is not racist and has nothing against the LGBTQ community.

That didn’t stop Councillor Brad Clark from questioning the protestor about the allegations of racism.

A few yellow vest protestors were caught on camera during the pride violence back in June.

Cameron Kroetsch of the LGBTQ Advisory Committee watched the delegation and posted on Twitter saying “Being silent, vague, cryptic, or “objective” in the face of hate is not an option for anyone in a leadership position in our city”. “It is clear from today’s delegation that this will only continue to embolden this activity and give rise to more violence”.

In the draft policy presented to council, the city is looking to prevent hate on city properties.

They recommend hiring security investigators, post signs to remind protestors of the zero tolerance policy, and continue using barriers to support the police in their enforcement.