7 year old counting down the days until he’s cancer free

Seven-year old Antonio Albino has been fighting leukemia for more than half his life. After four years of chemo, Antonio is counting down the days until he’s cancer-free, and you can watch him do it – online.

If you look outside the Albino household, you’ll notice that their Christmas decorations are still on their lawn – and it’s for a very good reason. Antonio was diagnosed with lukemia at three years old. You might remember when CHCH attended his fourth birthday party, put on by the Make-A-Wish foundation. Now, Antonio and his family are uploading daily youtube videos as they countdown to the day he no longer needs treatments for his cancer

“Creating these videos has given us this big bang for the very last day and give Antonio a little bit more of a reward in being cancer free” says his mother Nova Albino

Since his diagnosis, Antonio decided to film his journey. However, almost none of the roughly 200 videos show him undergoing any treatment. Instead, he’s seen doing everything else, from singing, working on his baseball swing, and making a lot of noise on his drums.

“Because there are a lot of bad things and he’s going to remember some of those bad things. But if we document the good maybe that’s what we’ll leave him with”
For his ’30 day cancer-free countdown,’ Antonio took his show on the road

“I’ve gone sometimes to the statue of liberty and universal studios” says the seven year old. In every video, Antonio takes the time to thank everyone who helped him during his fight. “They helped me throughout my cancer so that’s good”.

That’s why it’s still Christmas in March.

Antonio has filmed videos from the sunshine state to the empire state, and as he gets down to his last five 30-day cancer-free countdown, his next video will be a little closer to home. “I want to thank the Hamilton Ticats for supporting me through my cancer and coming to my birthdays”.

With less than a week to go, how will Antonio celebrate?

“Keep on with my life.”


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