6 illegal cab companies charged in Niagara Region

Niagara police say six illegal taxi companies operating in the region are facing a dozen charges under the Highway Traffic Act.

Niagara police’s by-law enforcement and licensing unit has been actively investigating the illegal personal transportation industry throughout Niagara Region.

This summer, officers charged drivers from Driven, Zoom Zoom, Original Delivery, Tip Top Car Pool and Delivery, My Ride and Fort Erie Speedy.

The charges include pick up passenger for compensation without authority, and fail to have insurance card.

“Illegal transportation services have been known to be involved in the criminal subculture,” said Niagara police in a news release. “The public is reminded to take all precautions when using transportation services. Utilizing properly licensed companies will ensure that the drivers and motor vehicles are properly licensed, have completed an annual motor vehicle safety requirement, and maintain proper insurance coverage.”

Police say riders can identify legally licensed transportation companies by checking the driver’s transportation licence card which includes the driver’s name, a photograph and date of expiration.