5 simple health habits to make you happy every day

Many of us can often feel less motivated to do tasks as the winter progresses and the snow piles up. We can also feel the need to hibernate. Author and Naturopathic Doctor Kate Rheaume has 5 simple daily health habits to ignite your life in 2022.

Tip 1: Eat some Fat: If your brain feels foggy and you just can’t concentrate – you might not be eating enough fat. While we should be trying to eliminate trans-fat (found in many processed foods) from our diet, we need to make sure to include plenty of good unsaturated fats found in foods like fish, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, olives, nuts and seeds. If you are not eating enough Omega-3 foods, taking a fish oil supplement may be useful.

Tip 2: Try intermittent fasting: Intermittent fasting is surging in popularity thanks to its ease and health benefits. Intermittent fasting is basically a window of time during which you’re allowed to eat, and a longer period during which you eat no or few calories. A typical day’s eating with intermittent fasting might start at 11 am and be finished by 7 pm. Intermittent fasting also gives your digestive system a break and can even improve gut function.

Tip 3: Prevent nutrient definciencies: If you are not feeling quite yourself, it could also be a sign of a nutrient deficiency. Fruit and vegetable consumption provide an important source of vitamins, minerals, and fibre - and while we may be eating healthier, it is likely we are not eating enough of what we need. For increased energy, look for a multi-vitamin-mineral supplement with sufficient amounts of B vitamins and iron.

Tip 4: Practice self-care: Unfortunately, the more we push, the more we need to invest in ourselves. Self-care is anything that you find nourishing. It can be restful, stimulating, alone, or with others. It can be going on a run, taking a hot bath, working out, socializing with friends, or even just reading a book. It can improve your mood, your immune system, sleep quality and duration, and your mental health symptoms, plus reduce stress levels.

Tip 5: Set your sleep schedule: Inconsistent sleep patterns between the weekday and the weekend can cause a person to feel “jet lagged” or tired and fatigued - this is known as social jet lag. Be sure to go to bed and wake up at the same times to promote better energy and focus during the day.

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