5 new red light cameras for Hamilton

Hamilton City Councillors approved a proposal today to set up 5 more red light camera locations, adding to the 19 cameras already in place.

The new cameras are to be installed at these intersections:

  • Charlton Avenue East and John Street South
  • Mohawk Road West and Upper Paradise Road
  • Hess Street North and York Boulevard
  • Dundas Street East and Mill Street South
  • Highway 8 and Green Road.

Council also backed the plan to hire a court administration clerk to handle the increased workload from processing tickets from the new cameras. That position will cost $78,500 a year, but that money will be more than made up for in camera revenue.

Hamilton has had cameras to nab vehicles going through red lights for 16 years now. They’ve brought in nearly $11 million to a reserve fund used mainly for road upgrades.


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