29 arrested in gang roundup


240 police officers rounded up 29 biker gang members and their associates in simultaneous raids across Niagara Wednesday morning. As Lauran Sabourin reports, it’s the result of a nine month investigation targeting the “Black Pistons” biker gang.

There were simultaneous raids across Niagara. The big target. Eighty Page Street at the corner of Welland Avenue in St. Catharines. The headquarters of the Black Pistons biker gang. The Black Pistons is a puppet club for the “Outlaws.”

Staff Sergeant Shawn Clarkson is thie the Niagara Regional Police: “This particular chapter here in St. Catharines has been active since January 2013. And it’s clear they would be full patch outlaw motorcycle club members.”

Police smashed their way into the building. Pulled out evidence including a billboard with the gang’s logo. People are happy to see these raids happen.

“I’m just glad police are clearing up the garbage out of the city.”

Twenty nine people were arrested including this woman who was inside a house at 12 water street.  A young child was carried away.

This luxury home and sprawling property on Young Road in Welland is a suspected grow op.

Police executed 30 search and arrest warrants Wednesday morning for a litany of criminal offences that included the trafficking of cocaine, heroin and marijuana.

In the nine months the Black Pistons have been in Niagara, police have noticed an increase in trafficking on the street.

S/Sgt. Clarkson: “Their presence, especially in the last few months, has been well documented by citizens and uniformed officers. And what you see today is the result of their hard work and us following up with our drug squad.”

Back in 2002, the outlaws chapter in St. Catharines was dealt a blow. Their clubhouse seized and forfeited. Just recently, the Black Pistons were creeping back into the city. Police say with these raids Wednesday, they’ve put a significant dent in the bikers criminal activity.



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