2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve EXT

by Bob Cowan

The Lincoln Navigator is truly a land yacht. That’s not meant to be a derogatory reference to the giant polluting boats from the 60’s and 70’s.  This is just a big state of the art ship that you want to live in if it did have that ‘kitchen sink’.  Full disclosure, I just paid the speeding ticket I got in this thing from an Ottawa road trip.  In my defence, the incredibly smooth and luxurious ride and size of this SUV lulled me into thinking I was travelling slower. The nice officer understood and actually cut my fine down. I think he spent more time looking at the interior than at my licence and registration. The seats have over 30 adjustments and are about the size you’d find in a VIP movie theatre. The Navigator is incredibly spacious and you get a sense of that with a console that feels something in between an Airbus A380 and your office desk.

It’s a Lincoln

That used to mean something and does again. For too many years the brand was made up of glorified Ford’s. The low point for me was test driving the 2005 Lincoln Zephyr that used the same vents as the 2005 Ford F-150.  The prestige is back with higher quality materials, striking designs and a luxurious driving experience and this is best represented in the Navigator Reserve.

Moving the Beast

The Navigator Reserve is tops in its class under the hood with a 3.5 litre twin turbo with 450 hp, 510 lb.-ft. of torque.  You’re never lacking for on demand power with the smooth 10 speed transmission and a towing capacity up to 8,100 pounds with the $2000 heavy duty tow package. (More with short wheel base version). That option also gives you trailer back up assist which is a dial on the console that will back your trailer much the same was as parallel parking assist.  As expected with a behemoth like this you won’t pass that many gas stations. Mileage is a combined city/highway 14.4 L/100 KM.


The lighter aluminum body moves smoothly and quietly through most road conditions. There are six different driving modes changed with a dial on that big beautiful console that adjust the adaptive suspension, shift points and 4X4 modes.  The specific 4 wheel drive modes are Normal, Auto, Deep Conditions, Excite and Snow Climb among others, .Each mode is displayed in the digital ‘instrument cluster’ with beautiful graphics on a nice 12 inch screen in front of you. If you really are roughing it the Navigator has hill descent control and no shortage of tow hooks.

The Great Indoors

Stepping in or up into the Navigator one of the first of many cool features is the running boards that fold down for you as you approach.  At night your parking space is lit with the Lincoln logo. Once seated you’re enveloped in comfort and luxury. I love the extra wide wood grained console. The Navigator’s infotainment system uses Sync3 which includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability. I love that a lot of radio and climate functions are still available with good old actual knobs. The Revel Ultima sound system sounds like the band is in the back

Speaking of the back it is pure luxury with captain’s seats in the second role with another beautiful and functional console that contains your remote and wireless headphones for the iPad size tv screens. There are lots of charging ports in the back along with a wireless charging pad up front. Past the second row there’s a power foldable third row followed by a huge cargo space. This thing basically goes on forever.

Are you sitting down?

This reserve came fully loaded with the rear seat entertainment and  technology packages and it’s no surprise  the stickler on the window heads into six figures.  This is actually the first Lincoln SUV to reach that territory.  But if you’ve got the money and you want big, beautiful, brawn and luxury you’ll get your money’s worth here.


2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve EXT

Powertrain:  Twin turbo 3.5 L V6 10 speed automatic transmission 4X4

Mileage: Combined 14.4 L/100 km.

Price as tested: 106,300.00