Colouring books for adults

If you’re stressed out, it may be time to pick up a colouring book. One young woman from St. George is contributing to the growing trend of getting grown-ups to pick up their markers and pencil crayons to help ease their stress.

19 year-old Samantha is a second year life-science student at Queen’s University. She says she never saw herself as an artist, she only drew to relax herself.

“Every night before I went to bed I would draw.”

But now, her doodles are waiting to be coloured, but not by children. Her “Toodlez Doodlez” colouring books are for adults. A trend touted as an activity to relax and unwind.

With a supportive family behind her, Samantha has already sold over 250 books, sending them across the country to British Columbia and even as far as South Africa.

With every book she sells, $2 goes towards the Canadian Mental Health Association. From the beginning her family say that’s what Samantha believed was the most important part of this project.