The Wynne Government unveils high-speed rail plans from Toronto to Windsor

By 2031 Premier Wynne wants to get people from Windsor to Toronto in just two hours on a high-speed locomotive.

“We need to make sure that we keep it the vibrant and diverse region that it has been and that we provide the connectivity to allow it to thrive.” Premier.

Wynne promised to build a $20 billion high-speed railway connecting Toronto, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Chatham and Windsor. Wynne said the Liberals are spending $15 million on an environmental assessment. That stretch of the province is home to about 7-million people.

However Hamiltonians were also promised a better way to get around and so far, they’re still waiting. The multimillion dollar west harbour GO station is more like a ghost station. That’s because very few people use it due to the minimal departures to and from Hamilton and Toronto. Previous promises to bring all day GO transit between the two cities still haven’t been met.

High-speed trains isn’t a new idea. Wynne initially brought it up in 2014 and the opposition feels that this re-announcement is just another attempt to gain votes ahead of next year’s election

The Dalton McGuinty-led Liberals were also pitching bullet trains back in 2011. That train connected Windsor to Montreal and had a budget of just over $21 billion. It later saw it’s Federal funding pulled because Ottawa felt that it wasn’t a priority. Wynne’s Liberals hope to go the private route for funding.


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bgee says:

It is high time for the government to show some fiscal responsibility, and close the goody bag they are trying to buy the next election with.

Rob says:

If they can not get a train from Toronto to Hamilton on a regular basis what makes you think a Toronto to Windsor is going to be any better