Wildlife sightings on the rise in Hamilton

More coyotes and foxes are being spotted in the Hamilton area. The number of sightings has spiked over the past three years and a wildlife control agency says it’s getting a lot of calls about them turning up in backyards.

A coyote was spotted last night wandering around a west mountain neighbourhood on Kittyhawk Drive near Upper Paradise.

“We thought it was a dog. And then we got a little closer and I happened to notice it was a coyote. I just wanted to warn everybody to be careful. We have small children in this area.” said Christina Giordano.

Coyote attacks on humans are rare but do happen.

People on social media have been posting all kinds of photos and videos of recent sightings of coyotes and foxes.

Ryan Rainville manages a wildife control company and says three years ago it was rare to get a calls about the two animals. Now they get a few calls a week. He says the number one thing you should never do is feed them.

“Let them know they are not welcome. A lot of people will say blow whistles at them, make loud noises, throw sticks or balls in their direction to let them know this isn’t a place where you should be.”

And talk to your kids. Let the know “it’s not a dog or a pet to be played with. But at the same time they shouldn’t be fearful. If they see a coyote and start running, the coyote gets the sense that there’s a chase now.”

Experts recommend clearing any areas in your yard that a wild animal can use as shelter like overgrown bushes and clutter. They also recommend bringing pet food inside, cleaning up fallen bird seed that may attract smaller animals coyotes prey on, and making sure to lock your green bins.


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stan says:

The coyotes are also losing their fear of man.