Victim upset by day pass policy

A man convicted of the kidnapping, robbery and vicious rape of a woman from St. Catharines has applied for escorted day passes at his B.C. prison.

Peter John Peters attacked Sandie Bellows in January 1990, just days after killing two people. Peters was denied bail in December and has now decided to apply directly to the prison warden to be granted daily excursions. But that news does not sit well with his victim.

Sandie Bellows still has the news clippings from her bruatal assault in 1990. She says if she closes her eyes, she can see herself running for her life. The mere thought of Peter John Peters being free causes her a lot of angst. “I’d be terrified if he got out and I knew he was back here. I wouldn’t have any peace.”

After Peters bail denial in December, Bellows says she felt safe. But that was short lived with one call from Correction Services Canada last week. They told her Peters was applying for escorted day passes. “But to get that it was almost like a slap in the face and then I jus started to ball my eyes out.”

Some crimes are more heinous than others. But attorney Dean Paquette says that doesn’t matter. All convicted criminals have the right to apply for temporary passes into society.
“These provisions are put in place for any potential applicant that satisfies the criteria that they are now able to apply. The ability to apply does not mean the application is granted.

Bellows has until March 12 to write to the warden; and she will. “Yes, I will. Victims services is also preparing my statement.

Paquette says a warden will consider many things before making such an impactful decision. “Over the last number of years victims have had greater and greater input on cases such as this. and I’m sure their resistance to his getting a pass will be considered.”

Bellows is a victim’s advocate. She believes a victims rights should outweigh those of their perportrators. “How can I trust anything how can the public be safe, isn’t a law abiding citizens arent our lives more imporatnt than someone who has three life sentences?”

Seven years ago, Peters was granted 276 daily leaves without Bellows being aware of it. During that time, Peters claimed he did some gardening for senior citizens and even started a romantic relationship. It’s important to note, that same year he escaped from his minimal security prison in B.C. but was captured 24 hours later.


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Joe says:

Keep him in there. The guy’s a psychopath. He even did more stuff when he was on the run to other peoole.