Victim of fatal Binbrook crash identified

(Video updated) Friends are identifying the two people killed in the two-car crash near Binbrook overnight.

Shawn Bell, 17, victim of a fatal crash near Binbrook, July 26, 2013Friends have told CHCH News that Shawn Bell, 17, of Stoney Creek was the driver of the Mazda Protege who died after his car crashed into a GMC Terrain on Highway 56 just after midnight between Golf Club Road and Guyatt Road. Friends say Bell was last seen leaving a party last night.

Bell died at the scene, while the 42 year old man driving the Terrain died in hospital. A ten year old and two 15 year olds who were also in the Terrain have been taken to McMaster Children’s Hospital with serious injuries.

While police haven’t officially determined the cause of the crash yet, friends say the driver of the other car involved had been drinking last night before he left a party.

A small memorial to 17-year old Shawn Bell quickly went up at the crash scene. All day his friends arrived. Some were emotional, others angry. Many were hugging and signing a book of messages that had been left behind, and while they say Bell lit up every room he entered, he had been drinking heavily before heading home to Stoney Creek last night.

Connor Lahie, Bell’s friend, says, “It got late, and he thought it was a good idea to go home, and we told him that it wasn’t a good idea… we said you’re too intoxicated, you need to stay, and he said no, like I’m leaving… and my friend’s like ‘you know how bad I’m going to if I just let you go right now,’ and he gives her a hug and says ‘nothing’s going to happen, I promise.'”

The 42 year old man who died in the crash has been identified as Steve Last. According to Last’s family, he was soon to be re-married and was a father of three. Last was apparently on his way home from Canada’s Wonderland with two of his daughters, and their friend, when the crash occurred.

Steve’s brother Jeff says, “they had just called his fiancée at 10 and said they were just leaving the parking lot at Wonderland… she woke up at 1:30 and they weren’t home yet, and she said to me, she knew something was wrong.” Jeff goes on to say, “It’s been horrible. I just want to wake up from it.”

Sean Leathong joined us from the scene of the crash with more.


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John McDougall says:

That stretch of Hwy. 56 South is bound to become increasingly more dangerous as the area residential growth creates a need to make the Hwy 4 lanes.

Patricia says:

any road is dangerous when there is a drunk driver behind the wheel

Jo Newmann says:

Does anyone know the names of the family? My daughter is 15 and goes to Saltfleet.

concerned local says:

And the intersection of Rymal (hwy 20) and Hwy 56, there have been far too many accidents there. Due to the turning lanes being offset, you have to turn blind most of the time.

Concerned says:

there needs to be more police presence in this area , i see 2 police driving around on ATV’s in farmers fields trying to catch people on there ATV’s, speed and likely alcohol was a factor in these deadly accident , try having more police presence in town here , wasting police man power riding around on ATV’s ????? come on lower the speed limit on 56 to 50K an hour and POLICE the speed limit , 56 is NOT a hwy it is a through way now to many homes and people travel this road daily more then this road was ever capable of handling , slow the speed limit down and police the hell out of this area adn fix the damn S bend by walmart beofre more innocent people get wasted on this road

Drew Weatherbie says:

My family was involved in the crash! Tragedy… I hope my little cousins recover from this unfortunately 2 of them passed away… Thoughts and prays are with them all

Sal says:

There have been several accidents on that stretch of Hwy 56 in the last couple of years.
With the increasing population in Binbrook, the highway should be expanded. Being Binbrook residents, my children & husband use that highway all the time. Something has to be done before more people loose their lives. My heart goes out to those families. It is tragic.

CB says:

At just after midnight, I doubt traffic and congestion was part of the cause.

Amber porga says:

what happened to you was tragic, I couldn’t believe it when i heard about it. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and to the other family that was involved. <3 Rest in paradise Shawn Bell, gone but never forgotten.<3 You were a great guy and loved by all.

EB says:

I have been a Binbrook resident my entire life and yes, in the past few years, and especially the past few months, there has been a significant increase in accidents on Highway 56. In my opinion the problem is not due to the increasing population of our small town, but people failing to respect the rules of the road by travelling too fast (100km/hr and above), running the stoplight at the Binbrook Rd. intersection and by being in such a hurry that they pass on a double solid line on the stretch of highway between Guyatt and Golf Club roads. Just because its a country road doesnt mean all rules should be forgotten. Yes, this highway has become more dangerous but it doesn’t have to be. The road does not need to be widened, and if it was, where would the extra lanes go? Ruin some more farmers’ fields to accommodate people who think they migjy like country living but want the same conveniences as the cities they came from? Let this tragic accident be a lesson to everyone travelling through Binbrook to take your time and obey traffic laws to keep those of us who travel that road on a daily basis safe. The alternative is just not worth it.

ecleaner says:

Remembering living near that death trap they call HWY 56…. should I say anymore

bob says:

the 42 year old is the real “victim,” feel bad for his kids who now do not have a father because an kid who was underage drinking made a really stupid choice.

Patricia Sertic says:

I know the fellow who was killed after leaving drunk from a party and the young girl who said not to say anything bad about him because he paid with his life HOWEVER, The 42 year old father is dead also and I would be going for every cent from the owner of the other car because this drunk you man is responsible for 2 young children for the rest of their growing up.
So just because Bell died he is still Is responsible for financial help for the other man’s family.Yes I agree it is a tragedy.

Susan says:

Why didn’t someone take the keys off of that boy and where were the parents in the home of that party. Two lives are lost and three children are without a dad who was simply taking his daughters to Wonderland for the day. It is just heartbreaking.

Laura says:

This is such a tragedy but please show some compassion to Shawn`s family in your news broadcasts. He was young and made a terrible mistake apparently while under the influence of alcohol. Imagine how his parents feel.

Janet says:

I do not disagree about the highway needing to be expanded due to the growth of population in Binbrook, however by all reports that I’ve read it sounds like alcohol may have been a factor. Therefore widening and extensions of the highways do not deter from these sort of accidents. That being said, it is very sad for all families affected by this tragic accident

Laura says:

My heart goes out to these families. I lost my family also, because of a car accident, in one night, my life was changed forever. One man died instantly, my family suffered for many years after. Many lives are forever changed, in just one instant even when they survive the accident, what they have to live with after, can be just as devastating. To all you teenagers that think you are invisible, let me tell you, your not and this should be a wake up call to you!

unknown ---- says:

The 2 daughters were my kids friends and I am sick to my stomach Steve was such a great guy he shouldn’t of passed so early in his life he was just starting a wonderful family!

Emm says:

I take great offence to the comment in the first airing from Cassandra. “No bad things should be said about Shawn… He has paid.” What she forgets is but for his actions 3 girls would have their father and his family would be enjoying him in their lives. This is so tragic as it was irresponsibility that appears to have created the crash. He has paid but so has an Innocent family man that did nothing but be a great dad. Now his littlest angel will not have the memories of her father and a future wife will not have many more years of memories.

Jim says:

Unfortunately the highway was not at fault for this tragedy.

Darryl says:

I feel compassion for the young boys parents, however it troubles me to hear so much outpouring in regards to the young man and very little to Mr. Last, who I need not remind people that he was killed leaving behind three little girls. I’m a 42 yr old man from Binbrook as well with two young daughters and one to be born in a couple of weeks. To hear of a “minor” to get behind the wheel of a vehicle under the “alleged” influence of alcohol really angers me. Some say this young man has paid the ultimate sacrifice, I feel however the ultimate sacrifice has also been paid by the poor man who wont see his girls grow up, and to the 3 daughters forced to grow up without there dad. Again heart felt condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Last and the parents of Shawn. Just another example that drinking and driving is terrible, So sad.

Jen says:

@Sal…people didn’t die because the highway is busy or too narrow. They died because one of them still hadn’t learned not to get “heavily intoxicated” and then get behind the wheel of a car. My condolences go out to Steve’s family and friends. No one should lose a loved one, like I, and many others have, because some kid still doesn’t get it. I have no sympathy for Shawn. I am glad that he will not simply get a slap on the wrist and be out there driving again tomorrow, only to do the same thing again in future, Sounds cold, but I watched someone I love suffer for many years after obtaining a massive brain injury when he was hit by a drunk driver. He never walked or spoke again and finally was at peace 18 years after his accident. He died from complications of his injuries, He was 37 years old when he died.

Marion (Lipsitt) Phelan says:

My heart goes out to the Last family.. Jeff grew up with my son and he often called me his “2nd mom”… they are a wonderful, caring family although I didn’t know Steve… my deepest condolences to his parents, fiance and family…just a tragedy for such wonderful people…

Shane says:

Everyone of those kids that let that kid drive knowing he was drunk are just as responsible. They’re all idiots. 3 kids don’t have a dad anymore. The only memorial up there should be for him not the criminal that died.

Julie says:

Steve and my husband went to school together we went thru our pregnancies together
He was so exited for his new addition his kids were his life and jody his true love.
hoping and praying the girls at alright.

When will people learn drinking and driving kill innocent people.

Steve was taken away from 3 beautiful daughters and the love of his life way to soon.

Unknown says:

We new these wonderful girls they don’t deserve this 🙁

Jennifer-Rose says:

Steve was such an incredible man. He worked for my parents company for the past 4 yrs. My family is absolutely heartbroken over this. He didn’t deserve to be taken so soon. He was finally happy in life.

Sherwan says:

this family were great neighbors, good people. the children were my daughters friends, it is tragic this accident happened. there have been several accidents on this highway in the past couple of years. there should have been 4 lanes. my prayers are with them

grona says:

instead of bell’s friends telling him that he was to intoxicated, they should have just taken his keys, he shouldn’t have been drinking in the first place, as he is under age, he killed my best friends cousin,,,,,,very sad

Angry parent says:

The 17 year old is a murder,, and should be seen as such.

Unkown says:

I think some comments on here are sick and twisted. The boy made a mistake, and people want to call him a murderer? Have some respect because I am sure if that was your kid, you would not make these comments, and would be very upset if you read these comments. Yes, three girls did lose a father, but a set of parents also lost their son.

responsible parent says:

Although it would be very easy to sit in judgement, it is important to remember that this is a tragedy and everyone involved is a victim. there are two families grieving an overwhelming tragedy. experience is earned and is not something we are born with bud regardless of the YET to be determined official cause of tip accident – it is very difficult to believe that those sitting in judgement can say that as a teen they have never made even one inexperienced decision. rather, they just didn’t get caught – tragic outcome or not. Consider fatigue, driver error/mechanical failure are also being considered God bless both of these families. let us learn from this.

Wake Up says:

I guess it’s ok to do something stupid you know might kill someone if you are young. It wouldn’t be my child because I care enough to talk with them and make sure the have morals and know right from wrong. They also know they can call me anytime if the were to do something stupid like drink at a party if the drove there and that I would gladly pick them up! As far as I am concerned it should be considered a murder when someone is the intoxicated and gets behind the wheel when people are telling the not too!

Rational person says:

Re: Wake Up’s comment – “it wouldn’t be my child because I care enough to talk to them …”

You naive SOB. You don’t think Shawn’s folks have those talks ? You think your teenage kid listens to everything you say ? ha

To all – nothing is official yet but rather speculative (papers have a way of doing that, ie twisting things so narrow minded idiots will drum up emotion … It sells apparently). It’s quite possible that things happened a lot different than has been discussed, and many of you will be eating your words. Well put Susan.

Angry Parent says:

If the 17 year old walked up and shot the 42 year old father, then beat the young girls as to inflict the current injuries that they have, he would be considered a murderer, would he not?

This was not a situation where he was pressured by others to leave/drive them home etc.

He knowingly got behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated, ignoring the protests and pleadings from his peers.

This was not a mistake, it was a willful act of violence and it is ignorant to see it any other way.

This is why teenagers act this way, they have no fear of ANY sort of consequence, regardless of what they do.

responsible parent says:

@ angry parent… this is not at all an issue of ignorance on my part, nor is it an act of murder on the part of an intoxicated teen. its an issue of experience. once again – experience is NOT something we are born with, rather something we learn or acquire. i am an emergency room registered nurse with 22 years of experience and a 15 year vetran faculty member at a local community college. I have experience and I know exactly what I’m talking about. the most unlikely people (adults included) will do things we (or they, themselves) never expect Is this criminal? of course. is it ok? of course not. to sit in judgement of a 17 year old boy who clearly lacks life experience and call that boy a murderer is a choice. Its wonderful that you sit with your children and talk with them so they know the difference between right and wrong. Good for you. I will share with you that not all teens have that luxury – its an adult that must do that for them – and how do you know that Shawn Bell didn’t have that luxury? How do YOU know that it wasn’t the alcohol ? I need not remind you that most of the adults that drink and drive today were once young teens that had wonderful parents that sat and “talked with them”. I’m sure you’re one of those people that never made an inexperienced choice as a teen, but so many others are not. Tragic, criminal and senseless – it doesn’t change the fact that while under the infulence of alcohol that boy made an inexperienced decision with catastrophic results.

22 years of Experience in medicine and working with young adults for 15 years (as well as having teens of my own) has taught me this – humans make horrible choices (most of which are not intended to be malicious). Be very careful to ever say “not my child”. you never know what your kids will do, to suggest otherwise is a sign of ignorance and inexperience.

susan says:

to angry parent and wake up: get a grip. be kind with your words. its people like you that may have to eat them.

Neibour says:

Excuse me but this is a false statement he had work in the morning and I know Bell like a brother I see him every day and just coming home with a little to drink no rum was involved also I would like to strongly suggest you and your assoicates take another look at last’ SUV as u can see the front left corner was destroyed and Bells was smashed up but not a 1.5 foot deep creator in the corner they are nailing him for drinking and driving mr.last’ car hit in to bells from the corner

William and Claire says:

I agree with Susan. Get a grip. A man lost his life and a family lost a father/fiancee forever., an unthinkable tragedy- but to suggest that an intoxicated teenage boy INTENDED to kill anyone when he got into his car or to comparitavely suggest that shooting someone and beating their children to death is even remotely close to being the same thing – is simply ignorant all in itself. No-one is taking away the loss or senslessness of the entire situation, but those statements are truly ignorant. What he did was a crime and had he survived he would be paying in prison for the better part of the rest of his life. Rather, he parished. Is that not enough for either of you? You are angry, and with good cause – but anger is rarely productive not a good teacher/positive influence. Get a grip.

Michael says:

i am a 33 year old father of two young children (2 & 4) and i can see both sides of this coin. when i was a teenager i drank and then drove. everyone told me not to and we all knew you’re not supposed to, i just didnt get caught. “wake up” should be careful – my parents were good parents who talked to us and we all knew that they would come and get us at any time, anywhere if we were drinking. i live in that area of binbrook and was driving hwy 56 that night – it could have been me and my children that were in that accident. i know that. but it doesn’t change the fact that when you’re 17 and don’t have a lot of experience in the world of alcohol you really believe nothing bad will happen to anyone. i think there are a lot of people out there just like me. its not right, but its a fact. “william” is right. he very sadly killed someone, yes. but hes not a murderer and it is ignorant to say that he was. life has taught me many lessons and responsibility is one of those things we all learn over time. things i know now that i was still learning at 17. my condolences go out to both families. God Speed.