Ukraine accusing Russia of launching propaganda war

After two Ukrainian fighter jets were shot down today, officials in Kyiv are saying Russia may be responsible. Russia says it was rebels. This comes as the two sides are still blaming each other for the downing of a passenger jet six days ago.

Wednesday night a group of Ukrainian Hamiltonians gathered to fight what they call Russian propaganda.

They started with a moment of silence for the victims of Flight MH17 but then said the Russian version of events that day is false.

Antonina Kumka from the Ukrainian-Canadian Association says the Russian propaganda machine is spewing out a lot of misinformation on the tensions in the region.

“Russian media completely ignores the fact that the terrorists in Eastern Ukraine recognized, then shot down the plane. They tweeted about and posted a message on the Russian prototype of Facebook.”

She is rally the community, asking Ukrainian-Canadians to take to social media to fight back, urging them to check their facts and talk to their friends there themselves.

Another attendee, Evgeny Denisob is Russian. He’s lived in Canada for three years but recently visited his home country. He says he regrets watching the news coverage of the situation.

“They enforce a policy of severe propaganda I would say. The system that our President built is that he doesn’t give orders, the people in the mass media, politicians they just try to do what they think will please him.”

The Ukrainian-Canadian Association says it wants the world to do more the ensure the truth comes out about what happened to Flight MH17, but also what is really going on in Ukraine and Crimea. They says they’ve sent almost $9000 dollars back to help orphans in the disaster and are also helping children living in the war zone by sending them to Switzerland for a break from the fighting.


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CHCH Fan says:

Saw a report on the stories that Russia are feeding their people on the government controlled media in order to keep the people supporting Putin. We are lucky to have an open media here in Canada. Although, by reducing funding to publicly funded CBC, Harper may be trying to limit it! We need independent media to survive. Congratulations to CHCH for finding a way!

83GMC says:

What I find more harmful is the false accusations that I have seen on Facebook. One that stands out is a viewer stating that this a war the U.S. wants in order to gain access to Ukraine oil and gas fields. To the best of my knowledge there are no oil and gas fields in the Ukraine. It scares me how people can spread false facts without having them checked and at least a correction add by the owners of the Facebook page stating whether the facts stated where correct or not. Especially when it’s owned by a News Station.

Lisa says:

It doesn’t matter what the reasons are and who is at faults. Only the innocents died as the results but never the one that suppose to.

Bronze says:

I just hope that the media does not look away like they did last time.

bgee says:

the situation just seems to get worse all the time

xjaysfan says:

Too much false information going around…